How come we can hear songs accurately in our heads but cannot necessarily reproduce them accurately with our voices?


One thing: I’m not talking about the issue of whether it’s physically possible to hit the notes. I mean more like the problem of “making” our voices hit the notes we hear in our heads.

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Vocal muscle memory is like any other. Without practice and honing things in like you would athletically the muscle memory isn’t there for a lot of people. Plus theres where you’re listening to the note and I’m sure myriad other things. But consider running scales and/or worming up refining the ability to execute each note. I’m positing this… but not educated on it as I’m sure others are.

Singing requires ability learned through practise, and developing your diaphragm and vocal chord control. It’s like thinking about The Matrix and expecting to be able to do Kung fu- your brain can image what it’s like to observe what’s happening, but it can’t work back from that to know what muscles need to be moved and when.

It’s sort of like trying to draw something that you don’t know how to draw. The thing you want to recreate is there, but you aren’t quite sure how to go about it, so your brain just tries to wing it and the result is generally sub-par.