how come when you swallow something in a weird way, it feels like that object is still in your throat?



This happens to me most often when I take my morning meds. I guess I’ll swallow in a weird way and then it feels like I have a pill stuck in my throat. I just finished dinner and now it feels like there is a piece of pork in the back of my throat! Y’all ever experience that? Why does that happen?

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There are a couple of things that could cause it:

(1) It *is* still stuck in your throat. This usually doesn’t last too long, but a pill could get stuck in your throat without blocking your airway or your esophagus (so you’d still be able to breathe and drink).

(2) It went down rough and irritated your esophagus. This is especially likely to cause the feeling if your esophagus becomes slightly inflamed, because then it is literally a little narrower.


I’ve noticed that some pills are really hydrophilic, i.e. they absorb water easily and swell up when they do. I can easily imagine one of these getting stuck in your throat for a few seconds until the next time you swallow spit.