How dangerous are microplastics, really?


How dangerous are microplastics, really?

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We don’t have enough studies to be 100% sure what exactly they do to us. Plastics are really different from each other and there are thousands of different types..

Good thing about microplastics is, that they are relatively strong and don’t react chemically that well…

They travel trough food chain to the top (us) and build up in us.

Microplastics are big enough to clog up important holes in lungs and other places.

So think about microplastics like “stuff that we can’t get rid of, that stays in our body and clogs up stuff”

We don’t know yet, but have evidence they may be tied to some immune diseases, hormone disorders, certain reproductive problems, inflammation, accelerated aging through oxidation, fat metabolism problems, problems with gut flora, and general neurotoxicity, including cognitive deficits and motor-skills gaps.

They’re pretty bad, but it’ll take us a hundred years to be able to say exactly how bad, because it’s damage done over time.

Any negative health effects from micro plastics pales in compared to the quality of life and medical improvements that have arisen since the invention of plastic.

Moving forward we’ll need to study the effects and how to mitigate those effects.

Not body know honestly. They might be totally harmless or they might be the greatest threat. Probably should assume the 2nd one just in case