How did abstract words were invented?



I can understand (partially) how objective parts of vocabulary were invented, but what about abstract ones? How did words like “truth “,”Honor” and such were invented?

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Humans have deceit built into them. We experience it every single day, and we are on the lookout for it every single day, and we display it to others every single day.

So I’d say that the idea of deceit/lies in the mind of a human being are as real a thing as a root vegetable, or a lake.

I can see very quickly how, in the development of language, the idea of deceit would arise very quickly as a means of communicating about the types of daily deceit that go on among hunter gatherers.

I’d say the notion of separating mind/experience from reality is a more abstract idea that came much much later. Early humans did not separate the world into “things” and “concepts”. We need language to start making those distinctions, so I think that early humans would view deceit as being as real as an apple, and therefore have no problem coming up with a noise to represent it.

I guess there would be more difficulty explaining to others that the noise signifies deceit, because you can’t just point at it, but I don’t see humans having a problem coming up with the word/concept in general.