How did old hand-drawn animation achieve such consistent color?


Mainly wondering how they avoided discoloration or the presence of brushstrokes. Thanks!

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Cel vinyl paint. It was all premixed and put into tubes, ready to be used by the colorists. so there was no need to mix colors when it was time to paint. that’s where you would run into inconsistencies with paint color.

There were no brush strokes in the color because for one, it was painted on the back of the cels so the camera, and you the viewer was really just seeing the underside of painting behind some thin plastic. Also cel vinyl had a thick, almost glue-like consistency so it flattened out quickly and evenly when painting. Artists didn’t need the built up layers that oils or even acrylic needs to get rich, even color.

I painted a lot of artwork with cel vinyl, just because of those qualities. It was the best! Sadly the only company that produced cel vinyl paint, Cartoon Colour Company just quietly went out of business a couple years ago.

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