how did someone come up with the idea of a car?


Why did someone say “oh, if i put these together i will be able to drive it”

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ate some good shores, stared at a horse long enough and wondered if we could make a mechanical version with a wagon-style wheel rather than legs haha

They had horse drawn buggies already, and various types of engine. Putting them together isn’t a huge leap, provided you have the technical competence to build an engine in the first place.

Also, the first examples were really more toys than effective transportation.

They’ve been using horse-driven carts for thousands of years before that. Now dealing with horses is kind of a hassle really. So someone thought that it would be nice to have a faster, cleaner, less smelly and more convenient horseless cart.

Horse drawn carriage. Man, it would be nice to not have to worry about feeding, cleaning, and picking up after my horse. Wow, look at that locomotive. It doesn’t need any horses at all. What if I combine the freedom of a horse drawn carriage with the speed and low (daily) maintenance of a locomotive? It’ll require making the technology smaller.

You can’t imagine how many people were killed by horses. When they are startled or under stress, horses kick back with their hind legs. A human stands almost no chance of survival if struck. The idea of a car was not due to any particular insight. Buggies, carriages were in existence for many years. An alternate power source rendered the horse obsolete overnight.

The first car was actually invented conceptually by a young woman named Gruuge roughly 10,000 B.C.E.
Sadly, many of the necessary incremental steps hadn’t even been implemented yet, such as: taming beasts of burden or agriculture, which would eventually lead to later discoveries like the wheel, the cart, the steam engine, etc that would make her dream of a car possible. Gruuge was often depressed about this and her cave paintings often reflected her dissatisfaction. Many nights she would sit on a fallen tree by a river near her tribal lands and imagine she was cruising the pacific coast highway in her convertible, the wind whipping through her matted, mud caked hair, humming Joan Jett tunes to herself, dreaming of a time when she could leave it all behind and just GO! Her father was the head of her tribe and did not approve of this listless, unproductive behavior, dragging her back to the cave and forcing her to sleep at the very back of the cave so she could not sneak back out without waking the others in the tribe who were known to be quite violent if disturbed in the night. She would stare blankly at her phone until morning and usually be quite moody at first light when it came time to gather or hunt.

I wish that she could have seen the modern day, where we we now have so many cars, many are just sitting on blocks, rusting away in the yards of modern cave people, lit by the subtle glow of the bedroom light through the faded confederate flag in the window. I like to think she’d smile…