how do animal rescues taking and/or purchasing animals from puppy mills impact the puppy mill industry?

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On the one hand, they are giving the dogs a better life, but on the other hand, it seems like it would just help the puppy mill continue to survive by letting them offload unwanted dogs (and sometimes even make some money).

ETA: sometimes rescues will pay them a smaller amount to get them to release dogs that they aren’t willing to release to the rescue for free.

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If a puppy mill is identified as such and has the animals removed, the owners receive no financial benefits. They (owners) are not reimbursed for the “cost” of the animals and will be racking up some significant legal fees.

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The purpose of a puppy mill is selling dogs for a profit. If they don’t have dogs to sell, they don’t make money.

So by taking puppies away from the mills, they’re taking away products that would’ve been sold for profits.

On top of that, puppy mills that gets their puppies taken away are usually illegal or have done something illegal and the owner is usually arrested and charged.

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The rescues I’ve worked with won’t take dogs directly from the breeder at all, as they don’t want to encourage anything. They instead have a direct line to the shelter and know when these dogs come in and they can rescue them.