How do animals survive in the middle of a desert?


Like in the middle middle with no trees or anything just sand. What kind of animals are these?

In: Biology

As an example, there is this bad boy:

whos skin is constructed in a way, that lets it channel water from all over its body to its mouth. He drinks dew water, which forms in deserts like anywhere else.

They have adapted different strategies to conserve water. Many animals can survive on the water they get from eating. Lizzards, snakes and Spiders are haematocryal. Their body temperature depends on the surrounding temperature. They don’t have to keep it on a constant level like humans (or all other mamals) so they do not need to sweat. Some animals burry themself during the day and get out in the evening and morning, when it is less warm. Camels can store large amounts of water and I guess there are many other strategies.