how do anti psychotic drugs work?


how do anti psychotic drugs work?

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Because you aren’t asking about a specific drug or even a single class of medications the answer is more complicated. However you are asking a very basic question when applied to individual drugs. If you go to a drug reference guide or even Wikipedia the answer to your question would be listed under the heading “mechanism of action “ if you read that section you should get the answer for the specific medications you are looking up

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Very very very broadly: any anti psychotic drug will either make your brain better at using molecules, or slowing down their use.

This wildly depends on the drug, the diagnosis, and the person.

Known in the biz as a “chemical cosh”… a ‘cosh’ being a blackjack. They can near instantly render a person dazed, tractable, and unfortunately fat, diabetic, dependant. Highly addictive… “…off their meds…” is withdrawal.

we frequently don’t know. sad as that is. it’s only very recently that we’ve come to understand even *some* of the medication used in the treatment of mental illness.

Having been through this for 20 years I can say no doctor, and I mean none, could speak in detail about them. Psychiatrists that should have a much broader understanding can only repeat studies and limited personal observations with other patients that’s also unhelpful.

Digging in on the internets is enough to make you want street drugs as its so much useless info and theory that ends with more questions. Some psyche drugs have horrible side effects when you go off them. One caused serious twitches like electric shocks that lasted weeks. I asked doc why he didn’t warn me and I could tell he didn’t know or care.

The standard routine when you tell a doctor you don’t feel better is for them to increase the dosage and add new drugs they don’t understand.