– How do birds survive in the winter??



I’m sitting at my window, looking out. It’s minus 10 Celsius out (windchill -15C), and there are about 10 little sparrows chirping away outside my window (in the shade). Same with seagulls, and pigeons.

How are these little guys able to survive the cold? They’re out there all day in this temp. How can They possibly be able to produce enough heat in their little bodies to stay even above freezing – let alone be 30 degrees (or whatever their normal body temp should be). …And at night it gets even colder!

How the heck do birds do it?? Even with a thick coat I’d be dead in 24 hrs!

In: Biology

Tiny bodies, with feathers means they have a *coat* designed by nature with a tiny surface area.

Eons ago reptiles need to evolve to become warmer. They took two routes, one group Lost their scales & grew fur. The other group the scales evolved into feathers. The feathers doubled for flight but that wasn’t their original purpose. Both groups evolved a 4 chamber heart. Anyway birds have the fastest metabolism of any animal. They must eat constantly too. That’s how they do it.