how do bugs get into your light fixtures?


You know when you turn on the light in a ceiling fan or ceiling boob (you know, ceiling boobs), and then you see the silhouettes of whichever insect(s) have gotten trapped in there- how do they get in if it’s a closed space? Just saw a video of a guy who had a live scorpion in his bathroom fixture and it got me thinking…

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Hi…most bugs are attracted to light. Since they are bugs it’s easier for them to fly or crawl into little tiny crevices of your light fixture. This is because most light fixtures have openings so that the heat of the lightbulb can escape. The bugs often get stuck in the light fixture and die from the heat from the lightbulb, thirst and hunger.

It’s not a “closed space”.

In the case of smaller bugs, through/around the fixture. Even with ceiling boobs there’s some amount of gap between the bowl and the ceiling. Bugs are attracted to light and can fit through tiny gaps.

In the case of bigger things like a scorpion, from above. Inside the ceiling boob there’s a wide open hole into the roof / space between floors. Which in turn is open to the walls, which may then be open to outside via vents etc. Scorpions aren’t attracted to light, but they’d love a ceiling boob full of insects.