How do car insurance mobile apps know when you’re driving versus when you are the passenger?


I have the progressive app and it checks to see if I am breaking too impulsively and stuff like that. But how does it know it’s me driving?

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It doesn’t really matter in most cases, although that can depend on your policy. What they know is how the car is being driven, which is what they care about for insurance purposes.

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I had an app like that back in 2014 and it was just an app on my phone, no device option. On the app you could see your trips and mark “Not driver/Rode as passenger “.

It’s pretty much an honor system which makes me think that they don’t actually register it or use some kind of algorithm to determine if it’s likely to be true or not. Otherwise you could just mark all your bad trips as passenger.

E.g if you have the same route to work everyday but all the ones with brake slams are checked as passenger I doubt they believe it. But if its a rarely made trip perhaps they do. Perhaps they don’t show you the actual rating and sometimes hide some details so the trip looks fine and you leave it but it still reports speeding/ brake slams.

Would be interesting to hear from someone who has worked in the development side of those applications.

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It doesn’t, and the terms of service are going to be very biased in the companies favor if there is a dispute