How do casinos keep track of the amount of chips in a dealer’s care at a table to make sure the dealer isn’t pocketing them or paying out too much?


I used to think it was some kind of process like a cashier till where the dealer would pick up a tray with X amount of chips, and then have to turn it in where everything is counted and reconciled somehow.

But I saw in a movie (never been to a casino myself to gamble) where one dealer would just walk up and tag-out another dealer and take over their spot. It made me wonder how everything was accounted for.

What’s to keep a dealer from slipping an extra $500 chip every once in awhile to their buddies?

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The pit boss is watching the games tables from about 60 angles on simi-hidden cameras. You never know when someone is watching you intensely, so there’s never any chance to do anything underhanded like that.

1. Cameras
2. RFID (wireless, low power tracking technology that fits on chips)
3. Strict dress and action codes for the workers (no pockets, no long sleeves, specific hand motions to ‘clear’ their hands)
4. More that my inside source refuses to elaborate on

Dealers have to cash in and cash out at the end of their shift, and they do so at the cage just like the patrons do. If a dealer came up short, the video footage for everything that dealer did with their tray can be inspected, likely from multiple angles. This is in addition to the pit boss observing the dealer’s activities, as well as the security team viewing the live feeds. The security level in a casino is very, very high.

The casino has cameras watching every table, usually from a variety of angles. Further, with high denomination chips ($100.00 and up, for sure), they have an RFID chip embedded in them, which is also tracked via electronics within the table. Finally, the act of passing chips to a player, whether in making change, or paying out a winning play, is a rigidly controlled process that dealers MUST follow, or face discipline from their employer.


So, any effort to “slip a high denomination” chip to an accomplice would be caught by one or more of these security procedures. And this does not even consider methods that I, as a casual player, am aware of.