How do ears help in keeping balance?


How do ears help in keeping balance?

In: Biology

There are little canals in your ears with hair and fluid. When you move the fluid moves, the hair recognizes that movement and sends the signal to the brain. It detects both angular and linear movements, and therefore the ears can literally detect in which position your head is.

But in the end it’s your brain that analyzes all the data it receives. If the data between eyes and ears mismatch, you start feeling sick, or even start having trouble keeping balance.

It’s a complex mechanism that even allows us to move on two legs.

Not a doctor of anything: inside your head, next to the part that handles hearing, but not really related to your ears per se, there are three little rings partially filled with fluid, one ring for each dimension we can move in. When we move or rotate, the fluid in these rings will move too, (think of a glass of water you’re moving around, the water inside moves too). Based on the movement of this liquid in these rings, our brain can figure out how we are moving, and where the ground is etc.