How do event photography agencies (Getty, Alamy, BFA) know exactly everyone’s name?

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When I look at event photography of celebrities from large photography agencies like Getty and BFA, i.e Grammys, Oscars, etc sometimes they’d be accompanied with “no namers” – and I don’t mean Matt Damon with his now-well-known bartender wife who isn’t in the industry – the names of D-listers’ children on the red carpet.

Or like, at art fairs with known art collectors/famous art world folk and their spouses or their children’s name. I’d be hard pressed to believe that they literally ASK the most “famous” person in the photo who the others are, and then get the spelling right?

Or is there a name to a face master photo list for every event photographer? Interested, interested.

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if they’re in the photo, they most likely have to agree to a waiver. For something like the Oscars/Grammys it’s probably handled ahead of time. Nobody is showing up with “surprise guests.”

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They wouldn’t ask the famous person, they’d ask the agent or the less famous people (possibly so they can sign waivers).  That’s if they even needed to.  If you’re famous enough to be at the Oscars, the press/paparazzi probably already know about all your relatives who are third cousins or closer.