how do fast food restaurants know when you’re there or not, or a car leaves or comes, etc.


I just went through a drive thru and now this question just popped up in my head, and I really don’t see anything that could hint to an answer.

In: Technology

They have a little sensor that sets of a doorbell type mechanism which lets them know there is a customer there.

The people working in the drive thru are wearing headsets. There are sensors, sometimes you drive onto it, sometimes they’re just sensors on the sides pointing at cars, and when you go through the sensor the headsets will beep until the worker answers them. There’s also almost always cameras pointing at the cars, so they can kind of see you when you drive up.

The speaker and receiver that you drive up to is constantly on. The people inside can hear a car pull up to order as well as EVERYTHING that is said before they greet you and after they ask you to drive forward

The same way a traffic light can detect traffic in certain lanes, you just run a loop of wire under the cement and the changing magnetic field of having a literal ton of metal stopped over it trips the controller to let the people inside know you’re there. It’s actually pretty cheap and efficient.