How do G-suits work?


How do G-suits work?

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When you get your blood pressure measured, a small strap squeezes your arm. A G-suit works in a similar way, except it uses much more force and has bigger and many more of the air bladder throughout the suit. These air bladders are hooked up to an air compressor inside of the plane. When you enter a high-G maneuver, (Like a sharp turn), a lot of the blood gets trapped in your legs due to it being pulled downward. This can result in you blacking out due to the lack of blood reaching your brain. So the plane senses the high-G’s and uses the G-suit to squeeze your legs (By sending compressed air into the air bladders), helping to move the blood out of your legs and back up to the rest of your body.

From what I know, the G-suits only have air bladders on the legs. So they only work for positive G’s, not negative. The pilots also have special physical techniques to help prevent whiting or blacking out.

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