How do Google, Alexa and other voice assistant control light and other appliances?



It’s awesome but I’m curious to know what’s happening behind the scenes.

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Something along the lines of:

public void light control()
If(lightOn == true)
Increase power to light;
Turn off power to light;

your voice is recirded; this recording is analyzed in order to extract info about what you want to do; depending on the result, some signals are sent to the devices that actually control the lights through some circuitry

Imagine that you have a light that has a special switch which you can operate with a remote control. It’s easy to imagine since you could turn TVs on and off with remotes for decades.

Now imagine that you have a box that has remote controls for all your lights and appliances built inside, into one. The box has a bunch of buttons on it, and if you press KITCHEN, the lights in your kitchen turns on or off.

Google and Amazon made these personal assistant apps that can analyze what you say. So, what if instead of physical buttons, you can get them to press digital ones?

Firstly is you need either the appliance/light or the power supply to them to be controllable over the internet. This can be achieved with ‘smart’ products with built in wireless connections (eg Phillips Hue lightbulbs), or by using smart plugs which can turn on and off the power to a device over the internet.

You connect these devices and Alexa/Google Home to your home wifi network and the assistant now has the ability to control the appliance/power to it.

This can be used for simple tasks like telling Alexa to turn on the lights in a room, or you can setup more complex commands using online services.