how do hearing aids work?


how do hearing aids work?

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They have microphones to pick up sound, they amplify the sound, then they play it through a small speaker.

Some of the newer ones may have unique features such as helping to amplify and isolate speech.

First we get your hearing profile. What does your loss look like? Let’s say you have a loss mainly in the high frequencies. We expect 20db or better hearing, let’s say yours is at 40dB in the low frequencies (250-1k Hz) but then slopes down to 70-dB in the high frequencies.

So we fight the right device for you, that will compensate for this loss AND the effects of sticking something in your ear. We usually make a mould of your ear to get a perfect fitting device, if that doesn’t work out we can always go back to insert microphones after.

If you went for a device with 2 microphones on each we can do a lot of cool things like better directionality, and wind noise cancellation. But the jist of it is the sound is picked up by the microphone, amplified at different levels at each frequency (as selected by the audiologist) before then being outputed at these new volumes by the speaker.

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