How do home users use virtual machines


I understand that in a work environment, different types of servers doing specific tasks can be each a VM.

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A “virtual machine” is just a program that a person can set up to create sort of an operating system with an operating system. Like starting up a digital computer within Windows with its own digital operating system to run its own programs. Windows 10 has a built in feature to create a virtual machine, called Hyper-V, or you can download third party programs to set one up. From there a person can install an operating system to the VM. It uses computer resources (so you have to factor in that the base operating system, like Windows, will use memory and processor power and then the VM operating system will use memory and processor power; it also needs hard drive space to load the data to).

People use it on home computers to test out new operating systems (no risk, no necessity to deal with installations and “physically” reconfiguring hard drive space) and to test out files or websites that they don’t necessarily trust (since it won’t be able to infect your Windows operating system if it has malware).

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