How do illegal streaming sites upload perfect quality movies while they’re still in theaters?


How do illegal streaming sites to watch movies and TV shows have movies on their site that are just released into theaters in such good quality? I’m not talking about shaky, filmed in the theater with a video camera, these movies are perfect. How do they do this? Where do these copies come from so soon after the movie is released into theaters and how do these illegal streaming sites get ahold of them?

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Sometimes they are advanced screeners for different organisations, sometimes they are private screenings that are filmed, sometimes they are just ripped from legal streaming sites

They usually send good copies for the festival selection prior to official premiere and in the process it gets leaked.

A lot of them are high def copies that were sent to individual important people as a matter of privilege or film critics. These ones are individually watermarked so if you see an early movie with nonsense in the corner, somebody is probably getting sued for the leak.

The most common thing is simply that the film is released digitally online somewhere in the world pretty early.

Digital rentals are often very quick and get released even when the film is still airing in theaters. So pirates make copies of that.

A few recent examples are Mario, Flash, Transformers…

What are these websites you speak of? Asking for a friend.