How do links work in pdfs?


So, I know that html pages are redirected to each other using hyperlinks and hyperlinks are just basically url adresses of the pages. Similarly html can be used to redirect from one location to another in the same page by inserting a href #class tag too.

What I don’t get is how do the dynamic page of contents work in pdfs. They redirect the user to a specific location in the pdf without the use of html. A bit of researching led me to figure out that these redirects are simply called links, but how are they implemented and on another note, how are they stored in the pdf document?

Is there some official documentation for how pdfs work that I can reference? For context I’m working on a system that needs pdf interaction and manipulation.

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You don’t really do this in the final PDF. You do that when you create the document in Word or anything else capable to do this.

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There are anchors in the underlying document that the links tend to point to.

The spec is defined by ISO 32000. page 104 seems to be what you want.