how do memories remain as our brain cells replicate?


if our thoughts and memories are chemical connections in our brain, and our bodies cells are always splitting at certain rates then at some point your brain would be new cells that didn’t have first hand experience with a particular memory or knowledge. How does the thought/idea/memory remain???

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The cells in your brain are special, and (as long as you don’t do anything to hurt them) they stick with you for life.

In fact, there comes a certain point where you dont even make any more brain cells. So you’re stuck with the amount you have.

Someone with a more intimate understanding and of memory can talk about it more specifically, but all of your new brain cells (when you’re making them) are exact copies of the ones (with your memory’s) that came before.

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They cannot. That’s why those brain cells (neurons) never replicate.

Brain has other support cells. Those cells can replicate, and can create new neurons. But after they become neurons, they will never replicate again.

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Memories, thoughts and ideas are stored in the brain through connections of different cells. These connections are constantly changing. They are independent of single cell replication / death.

Massive replication, as seen in brain cancer, starts to cause all sort of issues because the connections are disrupted. Same with massive cell death as with people with head trauma