How do midi controllers work?

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So, I want to get a Nektar imapact LX61+ (My first MIDI keyboard) but I know nothing about how it works. Do you plug it into any computer (PC) and it works as mouse or a typing keyboard? Does it work with any software I want to make music or do I need multiple softwares? Thanks in advance!

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This is some basic knowledge I remember from my audio schooling. Short answer yes, most of modern midi use can be done over usb, older hardware or if you want to control other synths you’ll need to use an actual MIDI cable. Hope this helps. I’ve heard of Nektar I’m not familiar with that machine. Hope this helps, and welcome to an expensive hobby.

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First thing you will need is a DAW (digital audio workstation) installed on your cpu. This is the software you need to process the midi inputs from the keyboard. Then you’ll want plugins including a soft synth and a sampler. These will be the source of your sound. That will get you started at least because there’s a lot to learn.

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MIDI is an interface protocol for musical instruments. A MIDI controller is a device that you place between your computer and your instruments so that they can communicate.

It does not replace your keyboard and mouse or allow for direct interaction between you and the device. It’s the bridge between your computer and your electronic instruments. Nothing more. It can handle multiple instruments and communicate with them separately so that you can tell your drum machine to do this while your synth is doing that and so.

If you’re using a DAW, it’s the device that takes the sequencing data from the DAW on your computer and communicates it to the appropriate outboard instruments.

If all of your sounds are coming from software or plug-ins on your computer, than an outboard MIDI controller is not needed.