How do Molotov Cocktails work?


How do Molotov Cocktails work?

In: Chemistry

Glass bottle full of a fuel like gasoline. Fuel only burns when in contact with air. A wick is placed in it that burns some fuel. When it shatters the fluid sprays everywhere and the burning cloth sets it aflame as it comes into contact with air.

It’s a breakable bottle filled with flammable liquid with a cloth rag stuffed in the mouth. Right before throwing, the cloth is lit. When the bottle impacts, it shatters, spreading the flammable liquid everywhere, which is immediately ignited by the flaming cloth.

a glass bottle, filled with a flammable liquid, topped by a cloth soaked in flammable liquid. when cloth is ignited, it stays ignited for a time. during that time, the user propels the lit filled glass bottle towards the target. when lit filled bottle reaches target and impacts a hard surface, the glass bottle shatters, spilling its flammable contents which the lit cloth then ignites forming an area of flames

Besides what everyone is saying, it also contains some oil as in vegetable oil or something like that so it helps spread the fuel more easily since oil and fuel don’t mix