How do people clean cloth diapers?


Like, wouldn’t the poop go in the washing machine and gunk it up?

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>Like, wouldn’t the poop go in the washing machine and gunk it up?

You simply remove all solid components beforehand. That’s it.

Everything else that has been soaked into something else can be soaked out again by the washing machine just fine.

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You remove most of the solids first and rinse the diaper before putting it in the washing hamper. You may also soak it first in order to dissolve most of the poop. But even if some solid pieces are put into the washing machine and gets trapped in the filter it is eventually water soluable so it will dissolve in a couple of washing cycles making your filter clean again.

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hope you have a strong stomach.. for poo you would dump any solid in the toilet/loo. then rinse, rinse, rinse. the problem is where to store smelly wet used diapers until you have enough to do a small load. i applaud people who can do this, i could not stomach it. i know diapers end up in landfills so i recycle basically everything i can to compensate🤷‍♀️

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>gunk it up?

No. No, it doesn’t. And yes, you just throw them in the wash (after dumping the big solids in the trash or, ideally, a smell-container (diaper genie). The inserts are for pee retention, and get pulled out before everything goes in the wash and it all goes in the washing machine right after it comes off baby, waiting in there until you have a full (enough) load.

Source: me: cloth diapers for 4 out of my 5 kids.

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Due to a disabled family member, I learned to rinse cloth diapers when I was not long out of them myself!
Mom taught me to “shake off” solids, then the diaper went into a sealed bin to await wash days.

Fast forward just shy of 20 years, and I had a service for part of the diapering years with my kid.
A plastic wringer (more scraper) that mounted to the toilet had been invented.
(Along with covers with Velcro/hook & loop closures to replace plastic/rubber pants)
To use the wringer, you’d dip the diaper in the bowl to loosen any solids that weren’t quite *solid*, and pull trough the wringer/scraper.
It also got rid of excess liquid.

Then into a diaper pail with a tight lid.
I sprinkled washing soda between layers, rather than soak, most of the time. Then to the washer (twice a week).

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Babies that are exclusively breastfed have poop that is water soluble.

Once they start formula, purees, solid food, anything other than breast milk, one has to remove the solid waste before washing. Some people have a handheld bidet to spray it off, some babies have “ploppable” waste, I “dunk and swish” my babies’ diapers and then put them into a special diaper pail and wash every 2 days. Wash hands thoroughly!

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My brother and Sister in Law had a second washing machine that was only used for diaper washing (not mixing with daily clothes, towels etc) I always thought it was a pretty wise way to go