How do people evaluate music, since everyone has a taste of their own?



How do people evaluate music, since everyone has a taste of their own?

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They can’t; it’s crap – music snobbery is for teenage boys, jostling for position and trying to impress girls.

Some tunes are more technically proficient than others, but taste is entirely subjective, and while a song may be brilliant on a technical front, it can still entirely lack soul.

Music is an artform so there’s no ultimate scale to evaluate music by. Even if you had to analyze the **noisiness** (i.e. the random up and down not the loudness) you’ll still find extreme forms of rap and metal that can mathematically be defined as noise but for which there still are people who enjoy listening to it as well as analyzing **repetitiveness** you have your Trance enthusiasts.

There are various objective measures that you can apply like using dynamic range analysis and your producers sitting in the recording studios have their ways of analyzing and improving music and vocals (see autotune). But really judging the end result is purely subjective.

Today there is a big push for perfection with every note and every single instrument and this does pay off in the general audio quality of what you are listening to. But listening to older music has it’s charm as there is character coming from each instrument and a genuineness from the vocals. It like comparing people with make up and without makeup.

Originality is probably the only objective metric you can use to evaluate a price of art like music. If it’s not like anything you’ve ever heard before or does things no one has done like the Beatles and Freddy Mercury did then it can at least be considered original. Good is subjective always though.

record stores needed a way to differentiate the new music coming out over the ages… peoples starting marketing lifestyles after them… and consumers bought the game…