How do photo editors like Photoshop work?

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Things like pasting images straight into the program, adding effects, and packaging all of that into a single file have always left me wondering how it works. (Not that explaining everything listed is necessary, just how the general photo transforming and layers work)

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Photos are made of pixels. Each pixel has color data (RGBa) attached to it. The different tools of photoshop alter the color data in a bazillion different ways depending on the tool.

Layers are photos with opacity, which is a measure of opaque-ness. at 75% opacity, the image lets 25% of the image underneath go “through” the layer.

You’re going to have to be more specific if you want more specific answers. You haven’t asked a simple question like “What are pixel RGB values?” but rather “how does an engine work?”

You’re going to get very vague answers.

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