How do Probiotics work?


How do Probiotics work?

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The commercial ones, basically there is no evidence that they do, which is why they say things like “reach the gut alive” but make no claim for what they do when they get there.

It’s unclear how or if they work. The bacteria used in probiotics are the same as beneficial bacteria that live in your gut, and those bacteria do beneficial things, but it’s just not clear if taking probiotic supplements has any real effect on your gut flora.

They sell yoghurt by making it sound healthier.

As a general rule of thumb, assume that *everything* you hear in advertisement or from a person that stands to profit from you, is either a straight up lie or cherry picked information.

These replies are strange to me. They all claim probiotics are just companies advertised that their products help stomach health with no proof. Im no expert but ive personally used fermented foods containing lacto bacillus, like home fermented sour kraut and kimchi to help with stomache issues. Basically the good bacteria help balance the bad in your gut and help to keep ph in check. It should be a balance just as your diet. Too much of anything is bad, not enough is also bad. Balance different foods and keep variety. Too much water can even be bad for you.

If your gut is fine than they don’t do much. If you are om some strong antibiotics they might affect also your gut bacteria (the good ones) so maybe that’s when probiotic might help a little.