How do publicity “gurus” and PR agencies sell guaranteed press coverage on sites like Forbes and NY Post?


I see this all the time.

A Publicist-guru type or PR Agency guarantees x amount of articles that position the client as a successful business person or author. It looks cheesy, and the content is usually vapid. But it’s usually published in sites like []( and NY Post, or maybe local news sites like [](

The price seems to vary a lot, with some guys pushing packages for $97 and some charging a couple of grand a month.

Anyone understand how this works?

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Forbes has a newsroom, but it also runs a publishing platform that allows anyone to be a “contributor” if they pay for the privilege. When someone guarantees you placement in Forbes, they aren’t getting you into the magazine or on the Forbes news site. They’re getting you into crappy articles written by the paying contributors that no one ever reads.

You can also pay to have articles placed into those little clickbait modules that appear all over news sites — powered by Taboola and Outbrain and the like. A typical module might have five links. One or two might go to other legit articles on the site, and the rest are paid for.

Basically, if anyone is guaranteeing you placement in mass media for a fee, it’s going to be in some corner of a website that no one sees, reads or takes seriously.

Top tier Magazines and publications like Forbes are partnered with the PR agencies and allows them to publish article on them for a chunk.

The result depends on the PR agency you choose (you definitely can’t get the premium service at $90 and you know that.)

Whenever going for a PR agency, go for one that provides you with complete details.