How do raising body temperature with a hot shower and and keeping the bedroom cool both aid in better sleep?


They seem rather contradictory?

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From what I understand, cold helps you sleep.

If you keep the bedroom cold/cool, that alone will help you sleep better.

When you take a warm/hot shower and your body temperature rises above the normal body temperature, as soon as you get into your bedroom it will not only adjust to room temp but it will adjust to the cold meaning that it will come as a “shock” to your body.

This “shock” in your body adjusting from super hot to super cold tends to assist in making your body calmer and your body becomes slower.

This paired with a dark room could become some of the best rest that you can get.

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Your brain needs to drop in temp about 3-4°F to rapidly fall asleep.

So raising your temperature, then effectively shocking it with cold will cause exactly that. You will warm up properly shortly afterwards.
Plus you’re far more relaxed after a hot shower/bath which increases blood flow.