how do rockets engine work?


how do rockets engine work?

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Its a big explosion in a tube. As the fuel explodes the expanding gasses are violently forced out the bottom, and shaped by the cone to force as much of the gas as possible opposite from the nose. Thats pretty much it, the fins keep the rocket stable and off it goes


Its a mega bottle rocket except the fuel is liquid in some cases. Stuff a bunch of flammable things in a confined space, compress it and have 1 small side of it as the weakest point. Light it, it explodes but the blast only exits out the weakest point you have previously set up. The object with the exploding stuff inside it is forced to move opposite direction that the blasting flame out that weakest point is.

If you want to learn more go to hobby shop. Get Estes rocket kit with launchpad. Its fun, you get to build it, paint it how you want it etc like any other model kit but instead you get to launch that fucker 1000+ feet in the sky! They have an automatic parachute that pops out when the fuel runs out allowing your rocket to safely float back to earth.

They even make them with a camera that takes pictures if it going up. Its fun. Dont do it on a windy day, youll never see it again.


All rockets work by pushing something really really fast out the back.
When you push something, that something pushes you back just as hard.
Or as Newton said “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Almost all the rockets we made use chemicals. They burned making the burnt bits get really hot (IE move really fast) and directed the explosion out the back. They then had a nozzle to make sure the explosion went out the back, rather than to the sides.

The specifics are really variable. Sometimes it was a long tube with solid burny bits on the insides. Other times they used a pump to move liquid burny stuff to a place to be burned.

Usually it’s a burny thing and a separate air replacement that are brought together to burn. But sometimes they were stored mixed the two together in a way that it wouldn’t immediately explode.

More recently they started using a lot of electricity to use magnets to make a xenon ion go absurdly fast. Called an ion engine.

There was talks and working models of using a nuclear reactor to make liquid hydrogen really really hot, then pushing it out the back instead of into a turbine. But that was expensive and too many people were scared of nuclear stuff.