How do series like Planet Earth capture footage of things like the inside of ant hills, or sharks feeding off of a dead whale?


Partially I’m wondering the physical aspect of how they fit in these places or get close enough to dangerous situations to film them; and partially I’m wondering how they seem to be in the right place at the right time to catch things like a dead whale sinking down into the ocean?

What are the odds they’d be there to capture that and how much time do they spend waiting for these types of things?

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Videos like these they compiled from thousands of hour of footage over a long time. Planet Earth took 5 years to make.

A camera person could be set up in a location recording several days worth of footage of nothing but trees before finally getting the 10 second clip of a moose walking by. Then they’ll typically follow the animal several days.

Theres not much of a difference in skill/dedication between a scout sniper and a wildlife photographer, other than one shoots with a gun the other shoots with a camera.

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