How do smartwatches measure heart rate and other vital signs, and what sensors are used?

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I can understand the heart rate part since watches are worn on the wrist, where our pulse can be determined, though I’m not quite sure, but what about the other vital signs? how? 

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Smartwatches use optical heart rate sensors for pulse detection, usually with green LEDs and photodiodes to measure blood flow. For other vitals, they have motion sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes, barometers for altitude and respiration, and sometimes even EKG sensors for detailed heart activity. They’re almost mini medical devices now.

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it uses a light and a light sensor to measure your blood pumping through your veins.

you can test a very basic way by turning on the flashlight of your phone while recording video and then resting your finger against the camera sensor while covering the flashlight with it, you will see it changes the shade of color in a pattern, that pattern is your heart rate

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A very smart furry made this very small sensor that can shoot out special lights on your arm to detect your blood and does math to figure out your heart beat.

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Smartwatches use PPG (photoplethysmography) sensors that shine light through your skin and measure changes in blood volume. They can also have ECG sensors to track your heart’s electrical activity. For other vitals like oxygen levels, they use SpO2 sensors that measure blood oxygen saturation. It’s basically a lot of fancy light and sensor tech!