How do “Stunt Horses”( I’m assuming they must be a thing) fall safely, especially with a rider? It can’t all be CGI…



I’m just really hoping it’s not as bad as it looks.

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Many years ago (think famous spaghetti Westerns) they horses were tripped with wires, and often became lame and were then shot.

This is not done now though!

Yes, there are trick horses, and one of the tricks you can teach them is falling down. Usually it’s a trained response to a flag or a light that’s not in the shot. Yes, it can be very dangerous for the human riding the horse, but they also know about the signal and push themselves off to prevent being hurt.

There’s a famous trainer named Rusty Hendrickson who trains a lot of them.

In addition to trained horses and pure CGI, mechanical horses are sometimes used. These practical effects can range from a chair with fur and a saddle, to advanced pneumatic puppets.

Almost every scene in older westerns but applies still. Watch when the horses fall while running. The rider always pulls on just one reign and the horses head turns almost all the way back to the saddle. They lose balance and can’t see where their feet are going and trip.