How do teeth ‘know’ how to fit together in a comfortable way?


Normally when you close your mouth, your teeth fit together in a way that feels comfortable. However, dental trauma and swelling can both cause your teeth to shift slightly. Then they don’t feel right anymore, and when you try to close them together it’s uncomfortable.

My question is, how did they ever fit together comfortably in the first place? Mouths are pretty chaotic with wisdom teeth, bad alignment, crowding, and other dental issues.

So how is it that the teeth ever came together in a comfortable way, when even a small shift in their alignment makes it uncomfortable?

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Teeth move, slowly. That’s why braces work. When we apply force to them daily, by chewing, they (hopefully) move, and stay, into the most comfortable position in relation to one another.

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I suspect that a big factor in this is the subjectivity of “comfortable”. A tiny change on a tooth’s surface you bite on can feel like a foreign object, until one experiences it for so long it starts to feel normal.