How do they print photorealistic images on cake?

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I’ve been to a small handful of particularly bougie birthday parties, where they have custom-made cakes with photorealistic images of the birthday child on the top.

It’s quite a sight to see when the cake is just sitting there; once they start serving, it becomes a bit less so, with people getting a slice of cake with the kid’s eye or chin over the icing.

But I’m more concerned with how the hell they manage to accomplish this feat in the first place. How do they make a photorealistic portrait of a human being out of icing?

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They have printers that use edible ink and they have edible sheets you use for the printer. You can also order pre-printed sheets if you are doing your own cake, but most places you can order a custom cake have some type of dedicated printer to do so. (:

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I think they just use inks made of food coloring and print them on rice paper, then apply to cake. nothing too terribly fancy/complicated

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I used to have a cake business. The bakery at the grocery store had a printer. I would bring a USB stick, they would print out what I needed and it only cost me 10.00 per sheet. Super easy and cheap when someone wanted themselves on their cake!