how do those glasses for coloring folk work, where it gives them the ability to see color?


The whole thing sounds arbitrary, but what amount of the spectrum are they able to see? How do these things work?

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The short answer: it doesn’t give them the ability to see color.

The fast fact that the marketing doesn’t want you to know: most colorblind people (like me) can already see color. Just that certain parts of the color range are limited. In my specific case, I’m missing the green cones from my retina, so the red-green-brown-tan/etc. range of my color vision is… not missing, but reduced. Several similar shades for a color-normal person are reduced into the same shade in my eyes, so I have less resolution than a “normie” within the same color space.

“Super Special Magic Glasses” don’t restore color vision to that space. They’re only designed to filter out the overlap so, hypothetically, a color-deficient individual who has “shade collapse” can all of a sudden distinguish different shades in that range that were otherwise collapsed into the same shade.

Important point to note: we can’t see new colors. We only have better discrimination within the limited range we can already see.

Also an important point to note: those videos where a person puts on a pair of magic glasses and immediately bursts into tears — those are marketing only. No relation to reality. The actual glasses aren’t meant to work that way. If you see it on YouTube, don’t believe it.