How do ticks and chiggers attach to people as they walk by?


Can they jump? It just seems unlikely that such a tiny, slow-moving bug could attach itself to someone moving quickly by branch or leaf.

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Ticks just sit waiting on the top of a long blade of grass with their front legs in the air ready to grab. As you brush against the loaded blade of grass they just grab on. If you do a search for tick on a blade of grass you’ll find many pictures of ticks in that pose.

Their feet are basically Velcro®. They have little hooks on their toes that latch onto your hair, clothes or skin as you brush past them.

The ticks climb up to the very tips of blades of grass or the tips of leaves, then they stretch out their little Velcro® hands, and wait for you or any other animal to brush against them, and they grab on.

They move faster than you think! (Ewwwww!) A couple weeks ago I had to catch a couple crawling across hubby & nephew’s backs….

Yep, they do that arms stretched out pose, but also in high season of tick prone places, I’ve literally seen them in large numbers moving across the ground towards the heat signature of a car because they know it contains us blood bags.