How do tonsils ‘grab’ bad stuff?


Do tonsils move? I just don’t get how people can get tonsil stones. Do they like swell up when they feel bad things coming through or…? Like its so hard to find videos on this.

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They don’t grab, they catch. They’re positioned in such a spot that pathogens in the inhaled hair land on them. Instead of sliding down against the soft, moist tissue, immune cells gobble them up.

Tonsils don’t “move” exactly, not by themselves anyway, when you swallow, or breath they move with your entire throat.

Tonsils don’t “grab” things either, they filter. They’re essential a filter for all the bacteria and other bad stuff you breath in through your nose and mouth, or swallow. Tonsils have gaps and folds to make it more efficient to catch/filter things.

When a lot of things have been caught, it starts to get inflamed, or swell. When too much stuff has been caught (or filtered) it might lump together into a tonsil stone.

Tonsil stones generally form in small pockets/holes/channels in the tonsils. Food/debris/dead cells get trapped in the hole. Fungus and bacteria feed on the debris and eventually calcifies (gets rock hard – hence the name tonsil stone).