: How do trimmers not cut skin when they’re pressed against the face?


My barber was cutting my hair today at 0 point. Was afraid he’ll chop of my ear or something

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There is that metal plate between your skin and the rest of the machine. Anything that gets cut needs to go between those fine teeth first, and that’s hard to do with skin.

Small wrinkles _can_ sometimes get beyond the plate, but that’s a small risk.

Trimmers are basically two metal combs where one slides back and forth against the other. Hairs go between the teeth of the combs and are sheared off when the comb slides and the teeth change positions. The part of the trimmers that touches your skin is stationary and runs parallel to the skin. Anything that is to be cut needs to stand up from the skin and be thin enough to fit between the teeth of the combs.

I’ve cut my lip using a trimmer for my beard before. It can cut on a sharp angle. The blades are just too small to grab a flat piece of skin. The barber also sees what they’re doing, so easier to be careful around the ears.

The closest we get is the flipped image in the mirror. It’s like driving with a controller upside down.