How do Volcanoes create water?


How do Volcanoes create water?

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they… don’t? where did you get this idea from?

Volcanoes don’t really ‘create’ water from scratch. I believe that it takes more energy to make the oxygen and the 2 hydrogen atoms stick together than is available in a volcano.

In cooking terms, the ingredients may be there, but the oven doesn’t get hot enough to make what you’re trying to make.

Mountains (and volcanoes), tend to be full of cracks, which tend to contain water near the surface. It comes out as springs, but the mountain didn’t make this water. It just flowed through from one place to another.

Magma (melted rock beneath the surface) and lava (melted rock that comes out into the surface) contains lots of dissolved liquids and gasses, including water. When the magma comes to the surface, it is under less pressure and a lower temperature than it was under the surface, so the water can escape. Usually as steam shooting out of the volcano.

Like when a fish that lives at the bottom of the ocean (high pressure like when you dive to the bottom of the pool and your ear drums go squish) is caught and brought to the surface (low pressure) its eyeballs might pop out of its face.