How do we get trailers for some movies if the production hasn’t began yet?



There are a few movies I saw the trailer of, but after googling for the movie details, I read that production hadn’t even began. How do movie producers know how to make the trailer and also make the movie itself look like what’s in the trailer?

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Depends on the movie, but especially in series movies, like sequels and trilogies, they actually do some of the filming simultaneously, because they know there is a scene in the next movie same set, flash backs, etc. so even if they haven’t actively started working on the next film, they already have a head start on filming material. Production is a long process and they may not be considered “in production” just because they have some filming done. Some movies they also may do parts to try to pitch the movie to the production company because the director/writer needs to get a producer on board to actually do the bulk of the movie. So with initial funds they may show the producer some of those same parts you see in the pre production trailer