how do X-rays affect the body?


I work in healthcare, and if we need to assist the patient they always say “is there anyone that is not in childbearing age?”. This is to reduce exposure, but how does it affect your body? More specifically, how does it effect your reproductive system?

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X-Rays are a form of ionizing radiation, meaning they can knock electrons from individual atoms that they strike.

Inside the body, this means they are able to do physical damage to our cellular machinery at the atomic level. When our chromosomes are damaged in this manner, it can result in mutations of the genetic code they carry. If the errors aren’t corrected, they can be passed onto our offspring through our reproductive gametes.

afaik: radiation is an energy that affects atoms and can change their settings. when it goes through cells of your body it could change chemical connections and reactions inside cells. and it also applies to DNA molecules. Radiation literally breaking DNA sequences inside cells. So cells lose an ability to reproduce or even reproduce in a wrong unpredictable way.