How do Xbox/PlayStation run 130fps consistently when a 300 euro pc couldn’t?


I’m so confused. I have an Xbox series S wich I bought for 300 euro. This can run things like. Fortnite at 120 fps all the time but a 300 euro self built pc couldn’t? I’m so confused and dumb.

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The capabilities in PC hardware are so astronomically greater than in the locked-down sandbox of a console that you are comparing apples and oranges.

To gain that additional functionality requires parts and components that simply cost more.

300 won’t buy anything in a PC.

2 main reasons.

1) Standardized parts mean they can use economies of scale to both manufacture and optimize the consoles better and cheaper than a gaming PC where there’s thousands of different components available and they differ from company to company.

2) There’s a bit of a loss leader sales scheme going on. They sell the console cheaper to ensure you buy their console’s games and their online subscription service. The textbook examples of this are razors and printers: companies sell the razor/printer itself dirt cheap, but gouge the hell out of you to get replacement blades/ink/toner. Console makers will sell the console at a discount, hoping to make it up on subscriptions and their licensing fee on the games.

The profit margins of consoles are low or negative. The goal of console manufacturers is to use the devices to upsell games and online services later. If you paid a fair price for a console at a computer parts store, it would cost more. A PC usually has more physical space for expansion. The console has all its components integrated on fewer boards, which require less material.

Games are usually way more optimized for console than they are for PC. It’s just easier to do since toy only have a few hardwares to worry about whereas with PC, you have to worry about thousands or even more different configurations.

300 euro for a pc gives you a crappy pc. The consoles are specialized in gaming, but they can’t do all the other stuff you can do on a pc. So either a slow machine that can do almost anything, or a faster machine that can only play games.