How do Yeast Flakes fill so many roles in so many different dishes.


As the title says, how is this possible? What give the dry, crunchy yeast flake it’s ability to make things taste savory, thicken soup, make sauses “Cheesy”, add an umami type flavor, and act as a general purpose season all?

In: Biology

Yeast flakes are unique in that they aren’t a single thing. Most of the food we eat is just a single part of a living thing and that is it. Like with carrots we just eat the root and ignore the stalks and dirt that it grew in. When animals are eaten for meat we butcher them in to small parts that where the different kinds of meat from the animal are seperated. Also anything produced by the animal, with the exception of milk, is not good for us to eat so we don’t.

Yeast flakes are the actual yeast, whatever the yeast was being fed, whatever the yeast couldn’t digest from the food and whatever the yeast put out into its environment. This creates a complex system with a bunch of different things in it that creates a complex flavor profile and gives the final product unique properties. On top of all that we can influence what the yeast produce so that we have chosen to have yeast that put out flavorful things.