How does a boomerang return to you after you throw it?


How does a boomerang return to you after you throw it?

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It depends on the boomerang as there are different types. The returning boomerang does so because it’s a wing. When it’s thrown this generates lift. This causes it to return if it’s thrown on its side because the lift will be sideways.

A returning boomerang is made like a 2 or 3 wing propeller with uneven wings. When you throw it spinning it creates lift at almost a right angle to its surface (because the wings are uneven).

So if you throw it level to the ground it will just go upwards while it flies away from you until it slows down so much that the gravity is stronger then the lift and then it falls down.

If you throw it at an angle to the ground it will try to fly in a curve or a spiral. So you practice changing the angle until you learn how to make the path to go towards you.

You can also change how strong rotation you will give it while throwing so you can time the moment it goes near you with the moment it starts to fall down, if done right the boomerang can be made to almost stop right in front of you.

You throw the boomerang so its path is curved. If it follows the curve around long enough it will form a circle, so you throw it curved a really long way and it comes back to you.

The returning boomerangs were practice/showcase ones. If you use a boomerang for hunting to stun something, it won’t return after it hits your quarry

My follow up question would be, how in the heck is a boomerang useful as a weapon, assuming it has to hit a target?

It can’t possible return to sender if it’s stopped in it’s tracks when it slams into someone head right?

Like, when you let an arrow fly, you naturally understand it can’t come back. Hopefully you hit your target.

A boomerang though, you’re expected to retrieve it somehow, so how does that factor in as a weapon unless you carry a multitude of them?