How does a crocheted wool blanket hold heat?

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I am thoroughly confused. I have a crocheted wool blanket. The holes on it are large enough to put objects through, yet it keeps heat better than any of my other blankets or even a duvet. How does this work? Don’t the holes on it allow air back and forth? Wouldn’t heat escape the same way?

I’ve tried searching the sub, and mostly see things about wet wool, I didn’t find anything on crocheted a d apologize if I missed the answer elsewhere.

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Blankets keep you warm by trapping air close to your body, so that the air can be warmed up by your body heat and then stay there, as opposed to being whisked away and replaced by air that’s still cold. Crocheted blankets having holes is actually part of WHY they’re so warm–the holes still work for this purpose even if they’re not covered, but the real game-changer for this type of blanket is using it as a layer between other blankets. There, the holes have the chance to really shine–they provide space for the aforementioned air pockets, so that you’re not stuck waiting for the fibrous material of all your blankets to warm up before you stop feeling cold.

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Okay, so imagine your crocheted wool blanket like a big warm hug. Even though it has holes, those holes actually help trap warm air close to your body, just like when you wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket. The wool yarn itself is also really good at keeping heat in. So, even though there are holes, the blanket still keeps you warm because it’s like a snug cocoon that traps the warmth inside.

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Air holds heat well. It’s hard to heat up and it’s hard to cool down.

The problem, though, is that air *moves*.

But your blanket traps this air, whether this is in holes in the blanket or under the blanket itself, and this stops the air from moving.

Double glazing works the same way as well!