How does a network connect to other networks over WAN?


I mean in like how do we send a signal that could casted over to the other side of the world. Like do we send it to a satellite then send it back or do we send the signal on earth, I’m confused

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Most of the long haul on an around the world trip will be on fiber optic cables buried underground and on the sea floor.

If you have a command line available, type “traceroute” or to some other destination (except on Windows, it’s “tracert”), and you’ll see a few hops to get to the destination. Each hop is a router that makes a decision on how to get to the destination. Those routers are computers, mostly expensive, specialized computers built just to make those decisions quickly, to keep track of how to reach everything on the Internet, and to do it quickly and reliably. Between each hop is fiber or copper cabling, or wireless links.

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