How does a nuclear rocket get propelled?


A normal rocket gets propelled by exhaust, how does a nuclear driven rocket gets propelled?

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OP, could you link to whatever article you’ve found that said or implied that a nuclear rocket was designed or built?

Edit: It’s a gun. The rocket is the bullet, and the gunpowder is replaced by a nuke. There is still propellant involved, but it is ignited all at once with the nuke, and the resulting gasses are used to push the spacecraft.

Nuclear weapons are warheads, not rocket fuel. Modern nuclear weapons are ballistic missiles, powered by traditional rocket fuel (of which there are many designs, ie the Minuteman III in use by hr US is a three-stage solid rocket fuel missile)

A nuclear weapon is the payload delivered by the missile.

Do you mean [project orion?](

The idea was to release and detonate atomic bombs behind the rocket, which would push a base plate, which was connected to the rocket via shock absorbers.

This would produce insane amounts of radiation, so the crew would have to be heavily shielded. In addition launching from earth using this method would decimate the local environment.

The plan was scrapped when the nuclear test band treaty came into effect.

They aren’t nuclear driven. They have nuclear warheads. They use the same propulsion systems as other rockets.